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New Polyethylene Compounds For Rotomolding Increase Output [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Replacing Conventional Medium-Density PE, New TekTuff™ SPA Compounds Enable Heritage Kayaks to Reduce Kayak Weight by while Producing More Kayaks per Shift.

Carbon Fibre Gripper Systems for Improved Automation [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
SAS Automation of Ohio USA, developer of light weight Robotic-End-of-Arm-Tooling for handling plastic moulded parts, has introduced a new line of robotic gripper fingers with lighter weight carbon fibre bodies

Thermoplastics to Chrysler Crossfire Convertible [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Quadrant Plastic Composite have provided a lightweight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT) composite solution in developing a load floor/trunk separator component featured on the 2005 Crossfire roadster by DaimlerChrysler

Tesco introduces biodegradable plastic carrier bags [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
The Tesco supermarket chain is to start using biodegradable plastic carrier bags following a six months pilot trial. The bags will be made using Environmental Products’ technology from Canada in which proprietary TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additives) are added to the PE or PP film during production to render it degradable and ultimately biodegradable in a suitable disposal environment such as landfill or in soil. Before disposal bags can be reused or recycled without degrading.

Flake glass products now have Nano thicknesses [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
UK-based Glassflake has reduced the thickness of its flake glass products, bringing these within a range referred to as nano particulate (less than 100 nanometres). Sample materials are now available, and production quantities will be available in November 2005.

Australian Scientists Use Plastic to Make Steel [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Australian scientists have developed a technique to use waste plastic in steel making, a process that could have implications for recycling scrap metal that accounts for 40 percent of steel production. Professor Veena Sahajwalla of the University of New South Wales has won a prestigious Australian science award for what she calls “the hottest research in town”, which she hopes will turn an environmental headache into a valuable resource

A first in Germany - production of 5-gallon PC Water Bottle [ 23/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
High flexibility and productivity thanks to Makrolon® 1239 - Germany’s first production facility for five-gallon polycarbonate water bottles has been set up in Gallinchen near Cottbus, Germany. The operating company is ASE Packaging Solutions GmbH an affiliated company of the Turkish ASE PLASTIK, based in Istanbul and one of the leading European manufacturers of this type of reusable bottle. “The central location of the site 80 kilometers south-east of Berlin is ideal for us for supplying our customers in Eastern, Northern and Western Europe, including the UK. Gallinchen also attracted us with its economic conditions, such as the good infrastructure,” explains Emir Koyliioglu, Managing Director of ASE PLASTIK and ASE Packaging Solutions. Production commenced in August this year. The polycarbonate Makrolon® 1239 from Bayer MaterialScience AG is used to manufacture the bottles

Water Injection Molding: It’s All Coming Together [ 21/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Commercial applications in hollow-part molding with water—or water and gas—are starting to accelerate. They are driven by recent enhancements of process technology, equipment, and materials.

LME sees bright futures for other plastics [ 21/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
The leading non-ferrous metal bourse, London Metal Exchange, is planning to add two new plastic derivatives to its ring. After testing success with polypropylene (PP) and linear low density polyethylene (LL) derivatives, the exchange is considering other varieties of plastic futures as well.

Safe machine operation without keys [ 21/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
EXcXP-touch, the latest extruder control system from Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH, Vienna, Austria, is operated via a totally virtual control panel. “In this our most recent innovative development we have completely dispensed with actual machine keys. The system is controlled exclusively via touch screen -our customers are elighted”, says Peter Hammer, the department head responsible for electronics, measurement instrumentation, control and information technology at Cincinnati

Recycling Plastics [ 21/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Plastics - what are they and how do they behave? Plastics are organic potymeric materials consisting of giant organic molecules. Plastic materials can be formed into shapes by one of a variety of processes, such as extrusion, moulding, casting or spinning. Modern plastics (or polymers) possess a number of extremely desirable characteristics; high strength to weight ratio, excellent thermal properties, electrical insulation, resistance to acids, alkalis and solvents, to name but a few

Plastics and Environment [ 21/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Since its introduction, plastic has been portrayed in equally opposite perspectives: the revolutionary miracle material versus the compromise of industrial progress

Barrier bottle Technologies Square Off [ 20/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Barrier bottle Technologies Square Off

New Pocan Grades offer Heat Resistance [ 20/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
New pocan grades offer heat resistance

Process Aid for Better Release for High Flexural Moulds TPO [ 20/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
New process aid delivers better release for high flexural moulds TPO

Ciba launches new light stabilizer for Auto applications [ 20/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Ciba launches new light stabilizer for Asian automotive applications

Process Control introduces volumetric feeder [ 20/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Process Control introduces volumetric feeder

Products Offer benefits in Rotational Moulding [ 20/11/2005 ] [ by: AIPMA ]
Products Offer benefits in Rotational Moulding, Nanocomposites, Compounding, Injection Moulding

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