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Quotation for Silane Peroxide XLPE Compound
Cross linkable Semi Conductor Shield Compound, in volume of 90 MT/Month, with the following specifications:- This specification covers vulcanizable semi conductive Polyethylene smooth compound for conductor shield and bonded insulation shield application in cross linked Polyethylene insulated cables up to 33.66 kv. The compound must be characterized with the following properties: Smooth perfect finish Less subject to pre-cure in processing extruders It has perfect to interface between the extruded shield and the insulation It must meet the resistivity requirement for conductor and insulation shield on cross linked insulated medium voltage cables. Cables manufactured with this material are rated for 90 C continuous service and 130 C over load temperature. The compound should be compatible with XLPE 4201 from Dow or Boliaris. Property o Density/ Gm/cm2 Max 1.15- ASTM D 1505 o Tensile strength/ Kg/cm2 Min 150- IEC 811-1 o Elongation/ % Min 180- Min 180 o Shore hardiness/D 50=55 ASTM D 2240 o Moisture/PPM Max 500-KARLFISCHIR o D C Volume resistivity:  At 23 C/ Cm Max 50  At 90 C/Cm Max 350  At 130 C/Cm Max 500 Peroxide XLPE Cable Insulation Compound, with volume of 250 MT/Month, covers a supper chemically cross linkable polyethylene unfilled compound which will be used as insulation material for cables of medium and high voltage cables up to 33 66 kV. The material must be made from base resin with lower melt index in order to improve eccentricity in wall thickness cables It must provide excellent balance of non stain antioxidant and ease of processing The material must provide excellent surface finish high out rate covers abroad range condition. The material of low density polyethylene of high degree of cleanliness. The material of low density polyethylene of high degree of cleanliness. Properties:- o Density/Gm/cm2 Max. 0.92-ASTM D 1505 o Melt Flow index at 2.16 kg 190 C/Gm/10M 10.8-2 ASTM D 1238 o Tensile strength/ kg/cm2 Min. 165 IEC811-1 o Elongation/ % Min. 500 IEC 811-1 o Shore hardness/ D 45-50 ASTM D 2248 o Moisture/ PPM Max 100 o Aging test:-  Tensile strength after 7 days at 136 C/ % 90 IEC811-2  Elongation after 7 days at 136 C/ % 90 IEC 811-2  Hot set test at 200 C 0.02 MPA Elongation/ % Max 80 IEC 811 Deformation/ % Max 5 IEC 811  Electrical properties:- Dielectric constant Max. 2.3 ASTM D 160  Dissipation factor Max. 5 x 10 -1 ASTM D 150  D C volume at 23/ Cm Min. 1x10 -15 ASTM D 127  Dielectric strength at 23 C/ KV/mm 20 ASTM D 149
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