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Useful Information >>>Plastics Testing and Quality Control



Atomic absorption spectroscopy



American Society for Testing and Materials


Bureau of Indian Standards 



British Standard 


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 



Comparative Tracking Index 


Chemical Vapour Deposition 



Dynamic Mechanical Analysis 


 Differential Scanning Colorimetry



 Differential Thermal Analysis


Distortion Temperature Under Load 



Environmental Stress Cracking 


Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance 



Electrostatic Dissipation 


Food and Drug Administration 



 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy


 Gas Chromatograph



Gel Permeation Chromatography 


 Heat Deflection Temperature



 High Performance Liquid Chromatography


 Infrared Spectroscopy



 International Standards Organisation


 Intrinsic Viscosity



 Just Noticeable Difference


 Liquid Chromatograph



 Limiting Oxygen Index/Loss on ignition


 Linear Variable Differential Transducer



 Melt Flow Index


 Molecular Weight



 Molecular Weight Distribution


 Non Destructive Testing



 Nuclear Magnetic Response Spectroscopy


 Oxidation Induction Time



 Quality Assurance


 Quality Control



 Rockwell Hardness


Rheometrics Dynamic Spectroscopy 



 Relative Humidity


 Statistical Quality Control



 Surface Resistivity


 Thermal Analysis



 Glass Transition Temperature


 Thermogravimetric Analysis



 Melting Temperature


 Thermomechanical Analysis



 Underwriters Laboratories


 Use Temperature Limit



 Universal Testing Machine


 Ultraviolet Light



 Volume Resistivity


 Vicat Softening Point



 Water Vapour Transmission Rate

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